Reference Information

This section contains a myriad of reference material related to the specifics of developing Android applications. It includes details of the application framework as well as documentation for the Android core libraries. Please read the Getting Started Guide first to get up and running with the Android SDK.

Here's the content you'll find in this section:

Packages Index
A list of all packages included in the Android system libraries with links to the individual package summaries.
Class Index
Full list of classes exposed by the SDK, with descriptions.
Class Hierarchy
A list of links to the classes.
List of Views
A visual look at the various controls and layouts available in the Android SDK.
List of Intents
Describes the Intents handled by the Activities that ship with the Android platform.
List of Permissions
Describes the permissions that applications can request in the manifest.
List of Resource Types
Describes the various resources you can externalize and package with your application.
Android IDL Reference
This document describes how to do interprocess communication on the Android platform via AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language).
Defines common terms used throughout the documentation.
An alphabetical list of all package names, class names, methods, constructors, constants, enums, and fields in the Android system libraries.