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Available Groups

Group - Web Access Description Subscribe by email
android-beginners New to Android development? Start here. Open to any discussion around beginner-type questions; this is a great way to get up and running with your new App on the Android platform.
android-developers Discuss developing Android applications using the Android framework. Get help with troubleshooting apps, advice on implementation, and strategies for improving your app's speed and user experience.
android-internals For "hackers" interested in discussing the innards of Android or exploring its use on various hardware.
android-discuss The "water cooler" of Android discussion. Free-wheeling discussion from ideas about the Android platform to your announcements on other Android resources.
android-security-discuss A place for open discussion on secure development, emerging security concerns, and best practices for and by android developers.
android-security-announce A low-volume group for security-related announcements by the Android Security Team.

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