Download the ADT Plugin Zip File

If you are unable to download the ADT plugin through setting up a remote update site in Eclipse, you can download the ADT zip file and install it from your computer (local site) instead.

If you go with this method, in order to update the plugin, you will need to download the latest version from this page, uninstall the old version from Eclipse, then install the new version. For more details on the procedure, see the sidebar on the installation page.

Version File Date Compatible SDK Versions Notes
0.8.0 23 September 2008 Android 1.0 SDK, Release 1 Required for users of Android 1.0 SDK, Release 1.
0.7.1 18 Aug 2008 Android 0.9 SDK beta Required for users of Android 0.9 SDK beta. As of this version, Eclipse 3.2 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to Eclipse Ganymede (3.4) or Europa (3.3) if you are still using 3.2. For your convenience, add this file as an "Archive Site" via Software Updates; there is no need to extract its contents. See the SDK release notes for additional information.
0.4.0 12 Feb 2008 m5-rc14 Required if you are using the M5 SDK. See the SDK Release Notes for details on changes and enhancements in this version.
0.3.3 14 Dec 2007 m3-rc37 Some significant enhancements (see SDK Release Notes).
0.3.1 21 Nov 2007 m3-rc20, m3-rc22 Initial Release.