Android Developer Challenge

Cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you, are a huge part of the Android vision. To support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards — no strings attached — for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.

What's New?

The Android Developer Challenge I is now complete. After Round 1, 50 teams of developers each received a $25,000 award and the opportunity to compete in the second and final round of ADC I, for ten $275,000 prizes and ten $100,000 prizes. All judging is now complete.

You can check out all the winners of $275,000, winners of $100,000, and other finalists in this detailed ADC gallery.

How It Works

A total of $10,000,000 in award money will be distributed equally between two Android Developer Challenges:

  • Android Developer Challenge I: This contest is complete and is closed to new applications.
  • Android Developer Challenge II: This contest will launch after the first handsets built on the platform become available in the second half of 2008.

Build Your Favorite Mobile Application

In the ADC contests, all types of applications are welcome. As you plan your application, keep in mind that the goal of the contests is to reward innovative, useful apps that make use of Android's capabilities to deliver a better mobile experience. Here are some suggested areas of focus to get you started:

  • Social networking
  • Media consumption, management, editing, or sharing, e.g., photos
  • Productivity and collaboration such as email, IM, calendar, etc.
  • Gaming
  • News and information
  • Rethinking of traditional user interfaces
  • Use of mash-up functionality
  • Use of location-based services
  • Humanitarian benefits
  • Applications in service of global economic development
  • Whatever you're excited about!